Nice to meet you!

I’m a newborn, maternity and family photgrapher in Farnham. My mission is to capture moments for you, with photographs that not only will you be able to cherish forever but you will feel forever, as if you were right back in that moment, holding your baby so close you can feel their heart beating with yours, breathing in their beautiful baby smell, their tiny arms wrapped so tight around your neck, you can almost feel it. Right back to your favourite memories. 

ABOUT Christy-Leigh

In 2012 my business was born. Starting with friends and family, I built a portfolio of treasures and nostalgia that began gaining traction. It was official. I was hooked. 

Without professional training, I researched, practised, snapped, snapped again and continued to fully immerse myself in the world of photography. However, for me, only half the job is the actual photography… the other half is far more important. My job is to make you all feel comfortable. 

Maybe Dad wasn’t sure about the whole thing, or mum was stressed about her dress. Maybe the baby was hot and bothered or the eldest was so bored at the start…. 

My favourite part of creating these relaxed shots of any family is the relationship that we build first. We muck around, we talk about real things, we let the kids say naughty words and we laugh until our bellies hurt. That joy, the pure unadulterated whims is what creates my one-of-a-kind photos. 

When I found you, I found me

My Business was born...

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

So, why work with a family photographer… 

You might be in the thick of it right now, the never ending laundry basket, dirty dishes piled high, the sleepless nights, the mundane moments can seem endless but there's so much magic to see and feel here too if you look hard enough, don't you think? Someone loving you and needing you more than you could have ever dreamed of.

These days, these are the good old days. One day you'll miss these days. 

And when you're holding your photographs, or flicking through photos on your phone in the years to come, the laundry, the dishes, the everyday stresses wont be what you remember, you'll remember them, their love, their tiny kisses, the way their tiny hands fit so perfectly inside yours, the way they fit so perfectly on your hip, and all those beautiful warm, fuzzy feelings will be what comes flooding back.

My hope is that you're here in search of your future golden ticket, IN YEARS TO COME I can't wait to take you back to the good old days….

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